Maryam Serajiantehrani

PhD student at the Faculty of Asian and Middle East Studies, University of Cambridge

Biographical Details

Ms Maryam Serajiantehrani has a BA in Persian Literature from University of Tehran, a BA in English Literature from Islamic Azad University-Tehran North Branch, and an MA in English Literature from Islamic Azad University-Tehran Central Branch. She was also doing an MA in Persian Literature at Allameh Tabataba’i University but had to withdraw to start her PhD at the University of Cambridge.

While in Iran, she worked as an English teacher in several language schools for over 13 years, taught Persian language and literature to speakers of other languages and was a guest lecturer for Undergraduate students of English Literature and English Translation at Ershad-e-Damavand University, Tehran, Iran.

Research Interests

Maryam’s PhD research focuses on a comparative study of Sohrab Sepehri’s poetry through the scope of Semiotics as its main theoretical framework.

Alongside with her PhD research, she is also working on semiotic and narrative study of selected Shahnama stories adapted for young adults both in prose and in verse form.

Other Research Interests

Modern Persian literature, young adult adaptations of classical Persian texts, young adult fantasy fiction, literary criticism