17 Mar 2021, 3:15pm

Since his tragic death in Tehran in 1829, Alexander Griboedov’s professional career as a diplomat and his private life as a poet, playwright, composer, revolutionary and businessman have been the subject of countless interpretations worldwide. In this talk, the focus will be on the paradox of an extremely diverse perception of Griboedov’s phenomenon as a person and a professional and its visual representations: film, drama, and visual art. 

To illustrate the talk, it will be followed by a virtual exhibition of works by students of the Film and Television Studies at the Faculty of Arts of St Petersburg State University. The students, studying to become cinema and television artists (under the supervision of Leonid Karpov and Evgeny Sverdlov), will present their works prepared for a screen adaptation of the celebrated novel "The Death of Vazir Mukhtar" by Yury Tynyanov, which tells the story of the last year in the life of Alexander Griboedov.

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26 Sep 2019, 4:00pm Pembroke College, Cambridge and Emmanuel United Reformed Church

We are pleased to announce that on 26 September 2019 we will be celebrating the Fifth anniversary of our Cambridge Persian Centre at Pembroke College. The programme will include the video art exhibition dedicated to the contemporary perception of the idea of the Shahnameh, the cultural symbol of Iranian identity. Among the artists whose works will be a part of the exhibition, curated by Veronica Shimanovskaya are: Shoja Azari, Pouya Afshar, Maryam Farahzadi, and Farah Ossouli.

The programme will start at the Emmanuel United Reformed Church, opposite Pembroke College at 4 pm.

All are welcome!

The event is free but booking is essential at

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