Hamid Reza Ghelichkhani

Biographical Details

Hamid Reza Ghelichkhani started learning calligraphy in 1984 together with well-known masters such as Amirkhani and Movahed Hosseini, and received his degree with distinction in 1989. In 1994 he published his calligraphy reference book entitled A Dictionary of Calligraphy and the Related Arts and since then, he has published twelve books on the subject. He has also been a chair in numerous conferences and seminars. Having studied Persian literature, he has been able to access a high level of accuracy in his practical work and creative ideas, the fruits of which can be observed in his numerous national and international exhibitions. He’s in favour of practising classical poetry, particularly Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh.

His favourite calligraphic form is seyah mashq, since he believes that it is purely Persian in its origin; however, he is undoubtedly a master in almost all Persian and Islamic scripts and calligraphic styles. During Michaelmas term 2013 he was in Cambridge on a Visiting Fellowship from the British Institute of Persian Studies. During this period he was giving calligraphy classes, lectures on palaeography and participated in the art show ‘Imagining the Shahnama in the 21st Century’.