Veronica Shimanovskaya


Biographical Details

Ms Veronica Shimanovskaya has a BA+MA in Architecture from the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in St.Petersburg, an MA in Liberal Arts from Harvard University and an MA in Fine Art from the School of Arts and Digital Industries at the University of East London, where she is currently engaged in the Professional Doctorate programme.

Introduced to Firdausi and Nizami poetry from a very early age, Shimanovskaya is involved in working with Shahnama Centre in various capacities. Since 2012, she has been responsible for creative design work for the Centre branding and the marketing materials for “Orientality: Cultural Orientalism and Mentality” conference, she helped to conceive and launch “Shahnama Forever” series and curated the first contemporary art group exhibition event in the series entitled “Imagining Shahnama in the 21st Century”. She contributed her Shahnama inspired painting “Bizhan and Manizheh” and a bronze “Zahhak” to this exhibition as well as to the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2013 event “Ancient Stories of the Persian King of Books in Modern Art”.

Veronica exhibits her work nationally and internationally. A versatile stylist, she employs different media from traditional oil painting and etching and to digital animation and projection. While pursuing her multiple academic and artistic interests, Veronica maintained a career in graphic and digital design, making brand identity, UX design and multimedia a field of her expertise.

Research Interests and Creative Practice

The intercultural communication in arts is one of Shimanovskaya's main interests. The shifting East and West concepts and their interaction and permeation provide a fertile ground for the development of new ideas in her art. Veronica is concerned with the problems of perception and interpretation of work of art, its connotations and cross-cultural references and the development and preservation of cultural identities in the ever diminishing world of digital communication and the ever expanding horizon of a modern viewer.

By means of her creative practice, Ms. Shimanovskaya is researching play and performance and their generative role in the field of visual arts’ fictional and historical realities. She is aspiring to simultaneously explore the poetry and semantics of the visible and imagined world and is often inspired by myth and literature.


To see the list of exhibitions as well as to learn more about Shimanovskaya’s art you can take a look at her wordpress site